Hi! Dear new mothers in Japan!

Hi, nice to meet you.

I’m Lisa from “salon Fluffy” exercise space for new mothers.



I teach aerobics new mothers in Nara prefecture and Osaka,  of course online too.


I’m a mother, and if you are a mother, we can enjoy our workout with your baby.


In my lesson, we use balance balls and bounce as aerobics exercise with music.

It is so fun and good for your body and mental state.



And also you can get your baby to fall asleep by bouncing so easily.


I’d like to help new mothers who cannot speak Japanese in Japan 🙂


If you have some problems and wish to join us, message me by LINE or E-mail.


Salon Fluffy LINE is below.



E-mail address is below.


Check my website and if you don’t understand, message me freely.

I love talking in English and meeting new people.

Let’s get fit together and enjoy sweating and refreshing!




Hope to see you!


Thank you for reading all.

Take care.